For Your Best Tan

Recommendations for your best tan:

Before your appointment:

Come to your appointment clean (i.e, free of lotions, makeup, perfumes, deodorant), freshly shaven or waxed, and exfoliated. This will help with the absorption of the solution and the development of your tan. Excellent exfoliation products are available from your SunSafe Sprays technician.

Come to your appointment wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing. The bronzer may wipe off on lighter clothes.

During your session:

You may wear whatever you are comfortable in. Our technicians are professional and understand that you may be tanning for a special event and do not want tan-lines. Disposable panties, flops, and hair caps are available for purchase. For male clients, a bottom must be worn.

After your session:

For ideal tan development you will want to wait the suggested time before showering (8 hours for a standard and all natural tan and 2-3 hours for express solution) and avoid tight fitting clothing. You may see color washing off in your first shower; this is just the bronzer in the solution. You will be left with a gorgeous tan!

Do not swim, apply lotion, or exercise until after your first shower.

How to take care of your tan:

You can extend the life of your tan through daily use of a tan extender, self-tanning product, and moisturizing products which are available from your SunSafe Sprays technician.

Your tan will fade naturally as your skin exfoliates. A sunless spray tan is expected to last 7-10 days; however, this time-frame can vary based on individual skin type and lifestyle (e.g., dry skin, frequent showering, exposure to chlorine or salt water, etc.).


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